Consulting services or a preliminary review in the area of social pedagogy or early childhood education

Consulting services prior to filing an application is non-binding and free of charge at the certification authority for social education workers and early childhood educators at the ZBFS Lower Franconia region.

For this purpose, please send the following documents to the certification authority:

  • occupational CV in German
  • diploma certificate in the original language and with the German translation
  • test certificate with a list of the subjects of study
  • only if available: Verification of a state examination or registration in a professional register or a subject examination

Certification Authority for Social Education Workers and Early Childhood Educators
ZBFS - Region Unterfranken
Georg-Eydel-Str. 13
97082 Würzburg

In the course of this free preliminary review, the certification authority checks whether the application for state certification as a social education worker or early childhood educator is advisable.

A review as regards content and the determination of the precise need for adaptation is subject to a fee and does not take place until an application has been filed to do so.